Season 3, Day1 from RV Bangarang on Vimeo.

A very curious humpback whale stops us in our tracks on our first day of research in Season 3 (2015). We keep a respectful distance from the animals during our research, but when they take an interest in you, you don’t have much choice. All you can do is turn off the engine and drift until the whale loses interest (an hour later).

Krill Imaging and Scrambling System (KISS) from RV Bangarang on Vimeo.

A deepwater Go-Pro imaging system, part of the Gitga’at Guardians research arsenal, is deployed during a focal follow of a fin whale group in the Kitimat Fjord System, British Columbia, during the 2015 research season of the RV Bangarang.

Humpback Drive-By from RV Bangarang on Vimeo.

A group of bubble-net feeding humpback whales charges by the Bangarang as it drifts and listens using the towed hydrophone array. Some amazing things happen when you turn the engine off and just wait. Video by Anne Simonis.


More on the way!

including Bubble net drive by…